Empowering Muslim Families

In Raising Righteous Muslims, All With Arabic

At Arabic Nest we believe that as Muslim Parents it is our duty to raise our children, that Allah granted us as an amanah, in the best manner possible.

Our Mission

Equipping Muslim Families with the tools to succeed in giving their child access to the Arabic language while following their Fitrah & natural development

Our Values

We aim to work toward solutions to make it easier & more enjoyable so that both the parents and the children can thrive to be their best self and act in a way that is pleasing to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala

Why The Arabic Language?

Connecting the Ummah

The Arabic language is what unites us as a community

Living Islam

Arabic should have a central part in the life of every Muslim family

Unlocking Potential

It is only by getting closer to the language in which the Quran, words of Allah, was revealed, that we can truly thrive in this life & the next

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