A Holistic Approach To Teaching Arabic Following Your Child's Development

During 9 weeks, Empower Yourself Through Actionable Knowledge & Tools
to Be Successful in This Exciting Journey Bi'idhni'Allah ta'ala!


If You Could...

Get Clarity

to start your Arabic journey along with your child

Be More Confident

in achieving what you actually set yourself to do

Find The Time

to make Arabic a priority while enjoying it

Feel Encouraged

to brave the obstacles with supportive like-minded sisters

Do It Right. Do It NOW!

Embarking on such an important journey requires us first & foremost to be ready for it but also to have the knowledge & support to set ourselves for success. This is exactly what this unique Online Training is all about, to prepare you & equip you with the right tools bi'idhni'Allah ta'ala!

Take a look at what's inside!

You've Got This!

I know this is scary dear sister, but you can do it with the help of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala

Invest In Yourself

Put yourself at the top of your priority list for the benefit of all your family

Stop Stressing Over Arabic

Remove all the barriers that are keeping you & your child away from connecting to the language of the Quran

Get The Support You Need

Get all you need to make this journey successful bi'idhni'Allah ta'ala

What's Inside The Training?

During 9 weeks*, explore & discover powerful presentations that will push you to take action & transform your life for the better

Module 1: Aiming For Success

Living with a Purpose

Get started the right way & make this journey sustainable

Strengthening Ourselves

Get a better understanding of yourself to reach your full potential

Planning our Life

Organise your life & day to find Barakah

Module 2: Setting The Tone

Embracing Our Roles

Thrive through embodying your duties & responsibilities

A Favorable Environment

Make your environment work for you instead of against you

Community Building

Create & sustain a supportive framework

Module 3: Raising Bilingual Children

Fitrah of Learning

Discover how we naturally learn

Language Learning

Uncover the secret of languages

Planning For Success

Make this Arabic journey successful

BONUS: Arabic Lessons & Trainings

Language Acquisition

Living & learning the language

The Alphabet (2 parts)

Uncover the secret of teaching it


How can children access writing


Give your child the key of reading

Accessing Storytelling

Open the doors to new horizons & easy progress

EXCLUSIVE: Ramadhan Reset


Reflect on this past year

Spirituality Boost

Truly connect your heart to Allah

Assessment & Planning

Get everything set for Ramadhan

*Classes start on Juamada al-Akhirah 21 (Jan 14)

All You Need In One Place!

Learning Arabic isn't just another task to tick off your list, it's a powerful mission that can impact your whole life for the better. It's time you embrace this journey through all its aspects, while staying true to your values!


Unlock your full potential


Be the parent your child needs


Find joy in seeking knowledge


Stay connected to Allah ﷻ


The training has already started & registration are now closed. You can show your interest by signing up to our waiting list and be the first to know when registration opens again in shaa Allah.

A Word From The Instructor

In recent years, I started realising how difficult it was for non-Arabic speakers to learn and teach Arabic to their child. The lack of knowledge, the misconceptions around language learning and the absence of community support.

I myself struggled at first with all of this. Not finding the resources or support that I desperately needed. How could I then teach my child in the best manner?

Al hamdullil’Allah, my passion for language and child development led me to design with the help of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala a step by step method to teach Arabic following the child’s development.

I understood that providing a simple guide would not be enough. For some it even felt overwhelming. Mothers and Educators needed extra support to help them in this journey.

So I went beyond and combined not only my language expertise, but all the insights and lessons learned along my own parenting and homeschooling journey.

And this is how ‘Teaching Arabic Following Your Child’s development’ Online Course came about!

A series of classes to help you and guide you so that you gain the clarity and confidence to be successful not only with your child’s Arabic learning but yours as well!

I pray you benefit from this training & successfully embark into a wonderful and exciting journey that is to connect to the language of the Quran!

-Hanae Elena Chelly

Founder at Arabic Nest

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you register, you will in shaa Allah receive a welcome email to confirm your registration. You will then receive by email access to the online platform where you will find the link to the LIVE session as well as other materials*. Live sessions are held weekly. Please email us at info@arabicnest.com if you haven’t received any email after registering.

*TRAINING starts on Jumada Al-Akhirah 21 (Jan 14).

The training is 9 weeks long with 3 modules, each containing 3 lessons.

The LIVE session will be approximately 1-hour long in shaa Allah.

Other Language lessons and extra classes should be shorter.

I have designed this training to help you gain clarity and shift your mindset around core elements of your life. But there is no secret recipe and you need to take action and implement the guided steps provided in the workbook for real change to happen bi’idhni’Allah. 

The idea is that not only will you have it clear on how and where to start, but you will also have a strong foundation to make a plan and go through with it bi’idhni’Allah ta’ala.

The first module ‘Aiming for Success’ is aimed at preparing you, the adult, by getting your life together and making sure you can start your family’s Arabic journey (or any other journey) in a sustainable way. 

Module two ‘Setting the Tone’ will focus on getting your environment to serve you & your child better so that you can both enjoy this journey together. 

The last module ‘Raising Bilingual Children’ will look at more technical knowledge and insights to make this journey of learning and teaching your child Arabic following his natural development successful in shaa Allah.

The Arabic Lessons & Trainings will give you all the knowledge and tools to carry out lessons in the best manner.

All these elements are key components to make sure you are setting yourself up for success through gaining the confidence and clarity to do so.

This training covers various areas that can apply to any journey you set yourself to achieve. I do provide specific practical examples & knowledge around Arabic learning specifically.

Hear From Our Students

See what our students think about previous program

Beautiful session I am so happy to be part of something like this. BaarakAllah laha you have very effective way of forming a sentence with just the right kind of impact. Especially how you translate Arabic it keeps so much of the depth of what was said intact. It is so well streamlined al hamdulillah. JazzakAllahu Khairan…​
Tayibah K.
Brilliant session, I'm totally inspired as to which direction I am taking my life and business. Alhamdulillah, I felt like I was in a 1-1 coaching session with you, mashallah you have a real talent ❤
A great lecture maa shaa Allah, it really made me think through stuff, and actually see how I can improve, on LONG term this time.
Rahma S.

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