Ready to Set Yourself Up For Success in Your Arabic Journey?

More than just resources!

Embarking on the path of teaching Arabic to your child is about more than just finding the right resources. At its core, this journey is about setting yourself up for success, both mentally and practically, with the help of Allah. It’s about gaining clarity and confidence in starting or continuing this Arabic journey, breaking down barriers that hinder your progress, and placing your trust in Allah while taking actionable steps towards your goals.

Dear Sister,

Imagine If you could...

Be Ready to Embrace this Journey

in the best manner with the help of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala

Be More Confident

in achieving what you actually want

Find The Time

to make Arabic a priority while enjoying it

A successful Roadmap

To ensure you’re prepared for this journey, I have developed a roadmap that encompasses all the essential aspects of your life, providing  you with step-by-step guidance to help you approach this Arabic journey and any other endeavor you set your mind to. 

Planning For Success

Training Content

1.1: Intentions

Embark & Start this journey the right way

1.2: Strength

Approach this journey in a better way to reach your potential

1.3: Time Management

Change the way you view time & organize your life to find Barakah

1.4: Goals

Set goals you can successfully achieve

1.5: Environment

Make room for what is important

1.6: Support

Find your own village to be sustainable

You've got this

This Training will help you gain clarity on how to get ready to embark on this journey in the best manners bi’idhni’Allah (or be consistent if you’ve already started) while empowering with confidence.

Inside the Training


Engaging presentations to give you clarity on each class topic


Each lesson comes with a workbook to follow along and take note

Bilingual materials

Arabic is at the center of all our programs and resources & thus our training materials are designed to also integrate Arabic

action plan

To truly make the most of this training, practical exercices are provided to implement what you've learned


Arabic Speaking Practice

With each lesson, record yourself & practice speaking arabic with simple and easy exercises!

Our Happy Students!

BaarakAllah laha you have very effective way of forming a sentence with just the right kind of impact. Especially how you translate Arabic it keeps so much of the depth of what was said intact. JazzakAllahu Khairan…


Tayibah K.

Jazaak Allah Khair so much sister Hanae! I have benefited in so many ways from you!



Khadija K

Brilliant session, I’m totally inspired as to which direction I am taking my life and business.



Frequently Asked Questions

Once you register, you will receive a welcome email in your inbox. You will also received access to the online platform where you will find the course videos & materials.

* Training will officially be launched on 15 Dhul Hijjah (July 3rd) in shaa Allah

The training is self-paced and you can take as long as you wish to complete it. 

There are 6 main lessons in total, divided into 2 parts each (around 20-minute each), an action plan (at least 15 minutes) & an Arabic speaking practice (a few minutes).

We recommend not to take too long to watch and implement the lessons but not to rush it either, so you can let the information sink in.

I have designed this training to help you gain clarity and shift your mindset around core elements of your life. But there is no secret recipe and you need to take action and implement the guided steps provided in the workbook for real change to happen bi’idhni’Allah. 

This is NOT an Arabic class. This training ‘Planning for Success’ is aimed at preparing you, the adult, by getting your life together and making a plan to start your family’s Arabic journey (or any other journey) in a sustainable way. 

An upcoming training ‘Teach Me Arabic’ will aim at providing more technical knowledge and insights to teach your child Arabic following his natural development.

This training covers various areas that can apply to any journey you set yourself to achieve. I do provide practical examples around Arabic learning and practice ways for you to integrate and practice Arabic as a headstart.

A word from


In recent years, I started realising how difficult it was for non-Arabic speakers to learn and teach Arabic to their child. The lack of knowledge, the misconceptions around language learning and the absence of community support.

I myself struggled at first with all of this. Not finding the resources or support that I desperately needed. How could I then teach my child in the best manner? 

Al hamdullil’Allah, with my experience in language learning and education, I understand the importance of equipping yourself with the right knowledge and tools. 

I am confident that by providing you with the support and insights you need, we can unlock the incredible opportunity of learning and teaching Arabic while following your child’s development.

I want to guide you through a transformative journey where confusion, stress, overwhelm, and doubt become distant memories. Together, we will replace them with clarity, confidence, and the necessary tools to succeed in this journey, bi’idhni’Allah ta’ala.

I pray you benefit from these trainings & embark into a wonderful and exciting journey that is to connect to the language of the Quran!

"I truly believe Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala granted us the potential to achieve much more. It's time we empower ourselves for greatness, no matter how small it seems."​
Hanae Elena Chelly
Founder at Arabic Nest

Planning for Success​

Prepare yourself by getting clarity & confidence in starting this journey​