Empower Yourself and Your Child with Our Self-Paced Arabic Training

Teaching Arabic to Your Child has Never Been This Easy!

Confused? Overwhelmed? Clueless?

When I first embarked on the Arabic language journey with my children, I felt the same way you do. Limited knowledge of Arabic, especially Fusha, and no clear direction on how to start or what to do. But I had a strong desire to give my children the keys to Arabic from an early age.


I searched & tried numerous approaches and resources, but I was never fully satisfied.

It was only when I delved deep into child development and the science of language acquisition that everything became clear.

I discovered effective strategies and techniques that made teaching not only my first child, but also my second child, a breeze. I even found myself confidently advising others on their language journeys.

I felt empowered with this knowledge and the assurance that, with the help of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, I could succeed in this rewarding journey.

I want the same for YOU!


on how to start and approach your child's Arabic journey


in being successful this Arabic journey bi'idhni'Allah ta'ala


to thrive in this journey successful bi'idhni'Allah ta'ala

Unlock Your Child's Potential in 4 STEPS

Our self-paced training program will guide you through each stage of teaching Arabic to your child, providing clear instructions, practical tips, and additional resources. With our proven method, you'll feel empowered to create a meaningful Arabic learning experience for your child. ​


Learn a foreign language naturally & easily

The Code

Unlock the Secrets of Teaching Arabic Letters


Allow your child to connect to the Language


Reading Arabic has never been this easy

Everything you need to get started on this journey​

Explore & discover powerful presentations that will help you make sense of this exciting mission.


How Learning Happens

Being successful starts HERE!

The Reality of Bilingualism

Get rid of the misconceptions

& Much more!

Arabic is Special

Be captivated by its uniqueness

Course Content

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Start Here: Raising Bilingual Children
STAGE #1: Language Aqcuisition
STAGE #2: The Code (Alphabet)
STAGE #3: Coding (Writing)
STAGE #4: Decoding (Reading)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you register, you will in shaa Allah receive a welcome email to confirm your registration. You will then receive by email access to the online platform where you will find the link to your course dashboard*. Please email us at support@arabicnest.com if you haven’t received any email after registering.

*Course will be open soon in shaa Allah and classes will then be available.

The training is self-paced. The first module covers basic information you’ll need to embark on this exciting Arabic journey. Videos are around 10 minutes. The other modules cover the various stages of the learning journey and can be consulted as you want, depending on your needs.

You will have lifetime* access to this training. 

*As long as the Arabic Nest project will run and the platform will be online.

I have designed this training to help you gain clarity on how to start and approach this journey in shaa Allah. 

This training is suitable for:

  • Any parent who wants to learn and teach Arabic to his child.
  • Non-Arabic speakers with very little knowledge of Arabic (it is preferable to know the alphabet letters to make it easier to follow along).
  • Arabic speakers who are not sure how to start and what to teach.

Not sure if this is for you, email us support@arabicnest.com & let’s chat about it.

YES, The idea is for you to have it clear on how and where to start and to give you the tools to implement the various stages of the learning process.

The first module is here to help you prepare and get more familiar with all aspects of this journey.

The following modules will help you unlock how to teach each step of the language process confidently.

If you feel you need more help on this journey, you can contact us by email at support@arabicnest.com

YES, this particular training is tailored to embarking on an Arabic journey with your child. If you don’t have children and don’t plan to teach children, I don’t think this is the right training for you.

Gift Your Child The Keys to the ARABIC Language Now!

Don't waste any second and raise to the challenge, one step at a time!