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Teaching Arabic Following Your Child's Development

Learning a language implies progressing through various stages, often which are inter-connected. Getting knowledge in the different steps & progression will increase the chances of successfully mastering the language, no matter your background or pre-dispositions.

At Arabic Nest, we have compiled a clear method to help you navigate the different phases of learning the Arabic language so it follows your child’s natural development.

Language Acquisition

The first step to learning a language is to immerse yourself in the language while progressively acquiring vocabulary.

This can be achieved through 3 stages:

  • Exposure
  • Vocabulary
  • Sound Awareness

The Code

Written language is actually a CODE to transcribe sounds of a language into symbols, aka CODING or WRITING.


And subhan’Allah before the age of 6 the child’s brain has an immense capacity for retaining this code.


  • The Alphabet Letters
  • The Letters Positions

Writing (Coding)

The next step is to understand that sounds and their corresponding symbol create words.

To help children in grasping this concept, allowing for writing before reading is essential. 

However, at a young age, children’s hands might not yet be ready to use a pen properly.


A good alternative is to use movable alphabets. These alphabets allow children to compose words and experience the joy of writing words without the struggle of using a pencil or pen.


Various daily life activities contribute to preparing the hand of the child to write. Only offering a pen and a paper to practice handwriting isn’t enough and a variety of activities should be put in place to help prepare for this stage.

Indeed, we often overlook simple life skills activities that promote hand-eye coordination as well as involve hand muscles that are preparing the ground for future writing work.

Reading (Decoding)

In order for this stage to be successful bi’idhni’Allah, it is extremely important that the child has acquired sufficient vocabulary.


Reading words that the child has never encountered won’t allow to create the natural connection that the decoding process requires.


This process can be done through:

  • Labels & 3-Part Cards
  • Reading Progression

Unlock Your Child's Potential

Step by Step Guide to Teaching Arabic

Get more clarity on the stages of learning Arabic with this detailed step by step guide including instructions & practical activities to get started on teaching your child how to read & write Arabic

Getting Ready

We understand that raising children & especially teaching them is a challenging endeavor. That is why we are working hard on providing you with unique courses & trainings to support you even further in this mission in shaa Allah. 

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