4 Ways to Make Time for Arabic

Are you always finding yourself having excuses when it comes to starting Arabic? Do you feel it’s so hard to commit to it?

Well you’re not the only one. And one of the main reasons people claim they can’t commit is time. They don’t have enough time. 

Time management is indeed a struggle for many of us and not being able to manage your time properly can have extremely disastrous effects.

Nowadays, We are required to do more, do thrive for more often at the expense of our own self.  The pressure is enormous and sometimes very harmful.

Time management was never something that was taught in school or at home. We were just following whatever schedule was in place without really thinking about it.  So we didn’t even realized it was a need.

There was nobody to tell us, do this at this time and that at that time. So like most people, we waited until the last minute to get things done. And need not to say that it wasn’t the most efficient technique.


Now as Muslims, there is something that is pretty unique and that is total game changer, that’s the concept of Barakah. 


What is barakah? Barakah is a continuous Growth and increase above and beyond expectations. It’s the attachment of divine goodness to a thing. So when you have barakah, the little time you have allows you to do more. Doing more with less.


How can we find barakah?


First and foremost, Have Tawakkul, Have trust in Allah, rely on Him but do take action!

Then, Stick to your Intentions and renew them constantly 

Next is Contentment, being satisfied with your current reality 

And finally Staying Consistent


Implement these four components will help you get more barakah in your life bi’idhni’Allah ta’ala and that includes barakah in time.


So today I am going to share with you 4 steps you need to take to create the unique conditions allowing you to make time for Arabic in shaa Allah!


Step #1 – Prioritize

Have a clear look at your reality and ask yourself honestly.

Is it that you don’t have time or is it that Arabic isn’t a priority at the moment?

If Arabic isn’t your priority then this is maybe the main reason why you don’t find time for it. 


Now if you are waiting for the perfect moment, you know when the kids enter school, or maybe when your husband has less work, or even better when your parents or in-laws will come to visit.

There is no such thing as a perfect time!


The perfect moment is right now. Because waiting on some external cause to come and save you or miraculously free up all your time isn’t realistic. 


Now if you want to make Arabic your priority, then make do with what you have. Have a look at what are the real things that are prevent you for having time during the day, be honest. And find solutions, work around your problems. 


Have your kids at home 24h/7, have them join you, include them in your Quran recitation, in your Arabic class, in your studies.


Have too much housework, delegate, do less..


Now let’s see how we can clear up some time during the day.

Step #2- Declutter 

Remove all the noise whether physical or virtual. We accumulate so much clutter in our life, and this clutter is what will slow us down, what will prevent us from achieving our goals.


Take a look around your house, your work space or any other place you spend time in.


Beware of technology! Our devices and apps surely can be very beneficial but they often turn out to be extremely harmful and have devastating consequences. Use them wisely. Constantly reflect on what you have and see if you truly need it.


Freeing up space in your house means you’ll need less time to clean up and arrange and more time for Arabic!


Removing those distractions will help utilise your time in the best manner bidhni’Allah ta’ala.

Step #3- Simplify

Go back to the basics, make things easier, find ways and systems that reduce the quantity of things you need to get done.


Do you really need to make a four dish meal every single day? Do you really to sign up your kids all those extracurricular activities and spend your days in and out taking and picking them up?


Reflect on what is essential and what isn’t so much.

Look for ways to delegate, to shorten your to do list, instead of aiming for perfection and wanting to control it all.

Step #4- Organize

Now that you have all this time on your hands, what will you do with it? 


Let me tell you, if you don’t have a clear plan and schedule, then you’ll probably won’t do much or at least not as much as you could to get closer to achieving your goals.


So the last tip is for you to get organized, this will allow you to have a greater picture on where you are and how you want to spend your days, and it will bi’idhni’ALlah help you stay consistent and on track!

I pray that you found these tips beneficial! Don’t forget to share this article with family and friends if you enjoyed it in shaa Allah.

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