Private Coaching Session

Get The Clarity & Confidence To Start This Arabic Journey The Right Way

Ever felt ...

... Kind of envious of those mums teaching their kids Arabic?

Or maybe just dreamed about raising Bilingual Children with Arabic?

But totally overwhelmed just at the thought of it?

Is this what you are telling yourself?

I don’t know where or how to get started

I don’t have any knowledge of Arabic

I don’t have the patience & time for this

I don’t think it’s something I can achieve

Well, I hear you!

This is scary & totally out of your comfort zone.

But what if you could actually pull it off? What if I could tell you exactly what you need to know to get started and path the way to your success bi’idhni’Allah.

Now, I know this sounds kind of unbelievable. But I truly believe that with the right knowledge and tools, we have the potential of achieving great things, provided we are willing to work hard and commit to it, Because there is no secret recipe or magic wand that will get your kids to speak Arabic.

What does this private session entails?


A pre-assessment to help us get a cleared picture of your reality

Tailored Workbook & Roadmap

Tackle what applies to your needs & start planning this journey in the best manner

Personal Online Area

A personal online area with additional videos and Resources

1:1 Zoom Session

A one on one Zoom call to talk about your struggle and put in place solutions that work for you and your family and your unique situation

One Follow Up Email

One follow-up email to check in on your progress and troubleshoot any issues arising


My coaching session with Hanae was absolutely amazing. I wasn't sure where to begin with getting more consistent with the Arabic learning and helping my children to pick it up more naturally. I loved how she customised the advice to each individual child based on their strengths and motivations, that was super helpful. She gave me a boost of motivation and literally ALL of the tools for me to crack on and do this consistently so we can achieve our family's Arabic learning goals. I highly recommend her session for anyone who needs some guidance or clarity about their family's Arabic learning journey!

Ruqayyah B.

Homeschooling Mum of 2, non-native speaker

As an qualified teacher and Arabic-language enthusiast of many years, an outsider would think I am helping my own children progress in their Arabic-language studies with ease - but due to time constraints, I was finding it difficult to take the next steps. I had access to all the resources and was finding it challenging to implement my own ideas. Hanae has helped me to realise I need to make the smallest of changes rather than aiming for big changes. I cannot wait to implement these little changes and am ecstatic that I was blessed by this session. Alhamdullilah.

Samayah B.

Mum of 3, non-native speaker

I just had a brilliant Arabic coaching session with Hanae. I received a lot of clarity, direction, suggestions and resources to help me achieve my Arabic goals. She also provided me with a 42 page personalized workbook!

Nichole G.

Mum of 4, Arabic teacher & Ijazah Student

Private Language Coaching

  • Pre-assessment
  • 1:1 Zoom Session
  • Personalized Pre-filled Workbook
  • Follow-up Email
  • Personal Online Area

This Session is NOT:

A language class

I am here to teach you how to find ways to easily learn

A presentation

The idea is to exchange and look for solutions confronting my expertise to your reality

An effortless and magical solution

You will be asked to interact before, during and after the call to ensure you are making the most of it

Let's work together on making Arabic part of your family's life