Raising Righteous Muslims Through Arabic

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Raising Righteous Muslims Through Arabic

A Transformative Journey

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey of raising righteous Muslims through the beauty of the Arabic language? Introducing our exclusive ‘RMM through Arabic’ Bundle, carefully curated to guide you every step of the way in this rewarding endeavor. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to shape your child’s linguistic and spiritual development.



YOU are your most valuable resource

Arabic Learning & Teaching

The tools to be successful

Language Acquisition

The resources to get started

Planning For Success

Dive into self-development & build sustainable self-discipline to gear up for the blessed month of Ramadhan and beyond with our exclusive 15 weeks LIVE program . Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals, receive weekly inspiration, engage in deep reflections & take action to set yourself up for success in your Arabic Journey & your LIFE.

Teach Me Arabic

Teaching Arabic becomes a breeze with our step-by-step method. Delve into effective strategies and techniques rooted in child development and language acquisition science. This self-paced training will equip you with all the tools and practical resources to ensure a seamless learning and teaching experience for both you and your child.

Live the Arabic Language

Immerse yourself in the Arabic language through our progressive language acquisition approach. With 8 comprehensive units, including a special Ramadhan unit, each segment covers Arabic learning, Muslim parenting, and Islamic connection. Seamlessly integrate Arabic into your daily life to foster a deeper connection to the language of the Quran.

Trainings available starting Jan 22 ( 11 Rajab) bi’idhni’Allah ta’ala

Planning For Success

Our 15-Weeks Self-Discipline Signature Training To Build Sustainable Consistency in Your Arabic Journey
(& any other Journey)

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey with our “Planning for Success” training. This unique training is strategically designed to guide you not only before the blessed month of Ramadhan but also during and after, ensuring a continuous and impactful journey towards building the life you need and deserve!

In the weeks leading up to Ramadhan, our live Zoom sessions will equip you with tools for self-development and provide insights to optimize your preparation. Navigate through the intricacies of building consistency, laying a solid foundation for a successful Arabic Journey & Life.

Inside the Training

90 min Highly Interactive Weekly sessions

Engaging activities, insightful reflections
& powerful sharing sessions

Practical & Visual Workbook

to follow along the session,
take notes and keep for future reference

Action Plan

Go beyond the lesson & actually implement what you’ve
learned to create TRUE transformation

A Holistic Approach

Wide range of topics relevant to your daily life such as time management, self-awareness and self-care, emotional
intelligence & goals planning

Support During & After Ramadhan

Ongoing reminders and learning to make the most of the
blessed month and keep momentum after

As Training is LIVE, registration will end soon


Teach Me Arabic

Teaching Arabic becomes an enjoyable and accessible endeavor with our step-by-step method. Delve deep into effective strategies and techniques rooted in child development and the science of language acquisition.

Get the clarity to make this Arabic learning and teaching journey easy and efficient.

Through this self-paced course, you’ll not only discover the joy of teaching your first and second child but also find yourself confidently advising others on their language journeys.

Inside the Training

Get Prepared

A full module to address all the various aspect of raising our children with Arabic from how to teach, removing obstacles,
specificities of the language and planning this journey.

4 Stages

Language acquisition, The Alphabet, Writing and Reading


Check you grasped all the information
and you are ready to start teaching your child

Practical Trainings

Learn how to approach and teach each aspect
of the language process with very practical examples

Additional Resources

Get PDFs, flashcards and other resources
to make this journey even simpler

Living the Arabic Language

“Living the Arabic Language” is not just a set of printables; it’s a comprehensive experience crafted to enrich your daily life with the beauty of the Arabic language. Dive into 7 engaging units, each encompassing Arabic learning, Muslim parenting, and a profound connection to Islamic values.

Additionally, a special Ramadhan unit is designed to make this sacred month even more meaningful for you and your family.

Inside the Training

7 Units

that match all first 7 sessions of ‘Planning For Success’
for easy application & a greater learning experience

Ramadhan Units

Unique resources to use worry-free during the blessed month

Arabic Learning

Each unit contains vocabulary, guided scripts,
posters, grammar lessons, fun games & activities and more

Muslim Parenting

Get on-the-go simple yet practical tips through Islamic
parenting advice related to each unit

Islamic Connection

Make Islam part of your child’s life seamlessly with engaging
resources and activities to relate to the Arabic language

Exclusive Offer is OVER

But don’t worry, you can still join our trainings individually in shaa Allah !

Get any of the trainings
you need NOW!

Make your Istikhara prayer (prayer of consultation), talk to your spouse & let’s do this!

Planning for Success

  • 15 LIVE sessions
  • Workbook
  • Ramadhan Prep
  • Off-Social Media Group

Teach Me Arabic

  • Self-paced
  • Raising Bilingual Children
  • Step-by-Step Method
  • Practical Resources

Living with Arabic

  • 7 Full Themed units
  • Arabic Language Acquisition
  • Muslim Parenting
  • Islamic Connection


Former Student

Planning For Success

BaarakAllah laha you have very effective way of forming a sentence with just the right kind of impact. Especially how you translate Arabic it keeps so much of the depth of what was said intact. JazzakAllahu Khairan…

Former Student

Ramadhan Planning

I really enjoyed this goal setting session. I put off writing my Ramadan goals until after the session because I knew that Hana would have great tips and insights to share, which she did! The part about Quran memorization was very helpful; I’m looking forward to putting her tips into practice this Ramadan inshaAllah.

Former Student

Living the Arabic Language

I like the various resources you provide, posters, 3 part cards, the scripts, mini reading book and love how you tie it together with Islam! It’s so important to instill the love of our deen into our little ones and the way you implement it by tying it to one of the 99 names of Allah swt is executed flawlessly!

Former Student

Planning for Success

I have taken maaany courses in planning (Im also having a BA&MA degree in planning theory (from the perspective of social sciences though) but this lesson made me see the value of THE PROGRESS in itself.  

“It’s Too Expensive!”

I totally get it— budgeting is real! But think of it this way: the bundle is an investment in yourself, your child, and a journey that lasts a lifetime. Imagine the savings compared to ongoing tutoring. Skip a meal out or hold off on those extra clothes or shoes this month, and redirect that investment into your personal
growth. Trust me; it’s a game-changer!

“I Can’t Commit to Such a Long Time!”

I hear you on this one! The sessions are designed to be your weekly boost, not a burden. Picture this: you’ll come out inspired, ready to conquer, and excited for the next one. It’s not about time; it’s about creating a positive routine. Plus, who would want to miss out on all the goodness we’re cooking up together?

“I’m Too Overwhelmed at the Moment!”

You’re not alone, and that’s exactly why you need to join! Our journey is all about tackling overwhelm and making real, lasting changes. Together, we’ll pave the way for you to reach your full potential and feel more confident in your life. Trust me; it’s a journey worth taking.

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